Custom Printing Services

Order online for all your printing needs.

  • Various colors of text and cover stock available
  • Large format posters up to 42″ media width available
  • 12″x 18″ max sheet size for digital printing

Copyright Guidelines

If your packet contains copyrighted material you must complete the Request for Copyright Permission information. We will contact the rights holders for you and obtain all the necessary reprint permissions. We will also make sure all royalties are paid.

Copyright Clearance Assistance – (970) 491-1762

Order Course Packets

We print course packets according to exact specifications.
FastPrint delivers packets directly to the CSU Bookstore to be shelved next to the course textbooks. One instructor sample is available upon request free of charge.

FastPrint can scan your materials or accept electronic files. We will store the final digital file for use in future semesters.