What is copyright clearance?

The Division of External Relations offers copyright clearance services to help faculty and staff reproduce copyrighted works in compliance with University policy and copyright law. We contact the copyright holders of the materials you wish to use, obtain permission, and make arrangements for royalty payments. There is no cost to you for this service.

For more information on when to seek copyright permission or determining Fair Use please see the Copyright Guidelines for Classroom and General University Use.

How long does a copyright search take?

Anywhere from one day to 12 weeks. Why? Some copyright holders use the Copyright Clearance Center in Atlanta to manage clearances electronically, so obtaining permissions is usually a quick process. Other copyright holders don’t work through the clearance center so rights holders (i.e., publishers, authors) have to be contacted for permissions. This can be a slow and arduous process. Generally speaking, allow eight weeks for University Relations to obtain copyright permission.

To submit a request for copyright permission, enter bibliographic information on the Order Course Packets . Please complete each entry on the form as any omissions will delay processing of the order.

How much do course packets at FastPrint cost?

Course packets cost faculty nothing – costs are absorbed by students who purchase the packets.

Where do students purchase course packets?

On campus all packets are sold through the CSU Bookstore in Lory Student Center. Packets are placed near textbooks sold for the same course.



For Copyright Questions please call (970) 491-7650 or email Stephen.Harris@colostate.edu